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Our mission is to guide you in achieving your goals of looking your best. Having cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is an important decision and you are taking the right steps to gather all the information you need before your planned surgery. After reading the information provided here you will know the details of surgery, how to prepare yourself for a smooth surgery, uneventful recovery and a great result.

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Meet the Staff: Dr. Bokhari
Specialist Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon
Hair Transplant Surgeon
American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr Bokhari

The best way to know about your plastic surgeon is to check his experience and qualifications.


What our patients have to say about us:

Its my first surgery in my life and I’m so glad that I did it here by great doctor he is great in many ways in personality level and in proof level.It was great experience for me although it started bad especial after the surgery when I saw my face swollen. But after I saw the expression on my family and friends face I knew that everything goes well and Dr did miracle in my face I’m so happy now. So thank you Dr. Farhat and to all the staff for supporting.
George Mansion, Cosmetic Surgery Patient

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