Fillers Injection

Who don’t want to get rid of his facial wrinkles and other imperfections of aging to enhance self confidence by having smooth, soft, glowing skin? There are countless of anti aging treatments and products available but very few of them can work well. Collagen filler injections are one of these anti aging treatments that can eliminate deep wrinkles and fine lines from your face. Collagen is a protein compound in the body that makes the essential fibers for human body. The major function of collagen is to maintain bones, skin, cartilage and blood vessels in good condition.

These fillers are generally utilized to make the lips and other areas of the face fuller. When this filler is injected beneath the skin, it rises or wisps up that particular area of the face. This treatment does not offer long lasting effect and generally goes away by the passage of time. You will find that there are several types of injectable fillers, such as:

  • Collagen filler that is available with human collagen also known as Cosmot derm, cosmoplast
  • Hyaluronic acid or Restylane also known as Juvederm or Captique, this acid is injected to the treated area to make it firmer and smoother.
  • Collagen fillers that come with bovine based that are also renowned as Zyderm, Zyplast. You need an allergy test 4 weeks before treatment.
  • Human collagen is taken from human tissue which is also recongnized as Cymetra.
  • Fat cells collected from patient’s own body that is known as autologous fat.
  • Man-made biodegradable polymer or Sculptra
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite or Radiesse
  • Microscopic plastic beads and bovine collagen or Artefill, these plastic beads are manufactured from poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA). The collagen does not retain by the passage of time, but the plastic beads stay under the skin everlastingly.

Generally it is important to keep in mind that the effects of these filler injections are temporary and usually last for few months to about one year. It all depends upon the type of filler injections used on the face, for best possible results you are suggested to go for more treatment sessions.


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